Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you can find a list of frequently asked questions about K&A Precision.

  1. Know, understand, and demonstrate the four fundamental rules of firearm safety. 
  2. Know, understand, and follow the rules of your local range. 
  • One video. No cuts. 
  • Always start from “compressed ready” position (NO HOLSTER DRAWS)
  • Show a clean target
  • Show distance
  • Show shooting 
  • Show hits on target 
  • Submit
  • Timed video submissions for leaderboard challenges must feature a name brand shot timer with total time
  • If you are logged in, you can submit your videos on the Video Upload Page.
  • The compressed ready starting position is a cornerstone in fundamental and defensive pistol shooting.
  • Due to many local shooting range policies, drawing from a holster is not always an option.
  • Having all shooters start from compressed ready is a way to both continuously practice pistol fundamentals while also creating a level playing field for users who want to compete in the weekly challenges. 
  • Accuracy, cost, and commonality. We’ve all heard “aim small, miss small”. Using an 8×11 inch target at various distances will hone accuracy and precision more effectively than shooting a 2×3 foot piece of paper. 
  • Computer paper is both ubiquitous and cost effective. Market average for 500 pages of computer paper comes out to less than $10 USD.

Absolutely. The quickest way to break into separate divisions is to invite your friends and grow the community.

  • If you’re taking the time to cheat and submit dishonest videos, you’re cheating yourself and likely making no positive progress in skill. The purpose of K&A Precision is to encourage constant improvement through regular live fire training and competition. 
  • K&A Precision reserves the right to remove any and all submitted content at any time and for any reason, without prior notice to the submitter(s). This includes the deduction of any KAP points earned, as well as revocation of paid membership and banning from the site. If you want to participate on the site, don’t cheat.
  • We want K&A Precision to be as accessible as possible to help shooters of all skill levels compete and get better. You can do this for free for as long as you shoot – we don’t mind and in fact we encourage you to NOT jump right in with a paid membership. Start for free and then if you want a little more challenge, and you want to unlock a few more features (like sending us your own custom targets), you can always upgrade to a paid membership and pay by-the-month or save a few bucks by committing for a year-long membership. 
  • A paid membership grants additional access to an adaptable and growing platform that allows the user to track their progress, compete with other members, and engage in the K&A community.
  • The revenue from paid memberships allows us to maintain and grow the K&A Precision site and community. As more people join, our website will need to adapt accordingly. 

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